Curly Woman

The GinaCurl restructures the hair molecules to reduce the frizz, making the hair smoother and shinier with a curl that is more manageable, soft, a shiny and more moisture balanced.

Short Hair  $550 & up

Medium Length $750 & up

Long Hair $1050 -$ 1250


Japanese Straightening

Long Hair

The Japanese Hair Straightening Thermal Reconditioning is a permanent straightening treatment that removes the curl, hair volume, and frizz, your hair bonds leaving the hair straight and smooth.



Natural Beauty

The Relaxer is a chemical process treatment designed to straighten and relax the natural curly and coiled hair. Depending on your hair texture and length, the results can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks before needing to retouch the new growth.

Relaxer retouch $95

Virgin Relaxer $150


Wave Nouveau

Girl with Curly Hair

The Wave Nouveau Coiffure system uses advanced thioglycolate to effectively release and soften hair. Hair is effectively transformed and reconfigured by oxidizing and reforming the hair that has been reduced to its new shape. Hair remains moist and manageable.

$200 & up